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Understanding your electricity bill is important for you to make informed decisions about your energy usage.

Common charges on all bills

Whether you buy your electricity from a local utility at a regulated rate or from an independent electricity retailer, your monthly electricity bill contains a number of charges including:

  • Electricity: These are charges related to the energy you consume. This is provided by a regulated provider (ie: local utility) or an electricity retailer.
  • Delivery: The cost of delivering electricity from generators to utilities and then to your home or business.
  • Regulatory: The cost of administering the wholesale electricity system and maintaining the reliability of the provincial grid.

Other items on bills from electricity retailers

If you have signed a contract with an independent electricity retailer, there will be additional items on your bill. These include:

  • Global Adjustment: It is your share of the difference between the government’s regulated and contract prices for electricity paid to certain generators, and the market prices they would have received had they not been subject to regulations or contract. If you buy electricity directly from us, an estimate of this amount is already included in your Electricity charges.  If you buy from a retailer the Global Adjustment is not included. It will be shown on a separate line.
  • Regulated Price Plan (RPP) True Up: If you switch to an electricity retailer, you need to settle the outstanding Regulated Price Plan account you have with your utility. Why? You buy and pay for electricity under a Regulated Price Plan with the utility, in which you are charged a stable price for the hydro you consume. This price may not reflect what is paid to generators. Eventually, the difference needs to be settled. Consumers who switch to a Retailer may either receive a credit or will need to pay for any outstanding charges related to their hydro use while they were on the regulated price plan. This is a one-time charge or credit, called the “RPP True Up”, that will appear on your final bill as a Regulated Price Plan consumer.

Electricity Bill Charges

Your bill includes a line item called Electricity. This is the cost of the electricity that you used during the billing period.

For customers that buy electricity from their utility, there are two different types of rates for you to choose from.

  • Time-of-use – Residential and small business customers are charged using time-of-use rates, where the rate depends on when you use electricity.
  • Tiered – Residential and small business customers are charged a certain amount of energy each month at a lower rate. Once you exceed that limit, the rate goes up.

For more information on electricity rates please visit the Ontario Energy Board website 

Most electricity generating companies get a guaranteed price for the electricity that they produce. The Global Adjustment is the difference between that guaranteed price and the money the generators earn in the wholesale marketplace. The Global Adjustment also covers the costs of some conservation programs.

All electricity consumers have to pay a share of the Global Adjustment. The time-of-use and tiered electricity rates charged by your electricity utility already include an estimate of the Global Adjustment. If you sign up for a contract with an energy retailer, you have to pay your share of the Global Adjustment on top of the contract price. The Global Adjustment will also appear as a separate line on your bill

*Beginning January 2021 and for a period of 1 year.  The Global Adjustment rate will include recovery of deferred charges that were previously deferred for the months of April, May, and June 2020 for all customers not on a Regulated Price Plan (RPP).

This is the cost of delivering electricity from generating stations across the province to your home or business through high voltage (transmission) and low voltage (distribution) power lines.

Wasaga Distribution’s Residential Delivery Charges effective May 1, 2021:

Distribution Flat Charge: A fixed charge for costs related to meter reading, billing, customer service and account maintenance, and for general utility operations.

Transmission Charge: A variable charge for the costs of transmitters to operate and maintain the high-voltage transmission system that carries electricity from generating stations to your utility.

Line Loss Adjustment: It is normal for a small amount of power to be lost as it travels over the utility’s power lines to your home or business. In calculating your electricity costs for the billing period, your utility multiplies your electricity cost by an adjustment factor that accounts for those losses. They do this using an adjustment factor that is approved by the Ontario Energy Board. The charges for losses are included on the Delivery line of your bill.

Wasaga Distribution’s Line Loss Adjustment is 1.0802 (8.02%).

Regulatory charges are the costs of administering the wholesale electricity system and maintaining the reliability of the provincial grid.

Wasaga Distribution Residential Regulatory Charges:

Wholesale Market Service Charge includes the cost of services provided by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) to operate the wholesale electricity market and maintain the reliability of the high voltage power grid. It also covers certain costs incurred by local utilities to connect renewable generation.

Rural and Remote Electricity Rate Protection (RRRP): This charge is collected by the IESO to pay certain electricity distributors who provide electricity service in rural and remote areas. It helps to offset the higher cost of providing service to consumers in those areas. On June 1, 2017, the Ontario Fair Hydro Act came into effect. It removed some of the cost of the RRRP from electricity bills, and instead funds the majority of this program through taxes.

Standard Supply Service Charge: In addition to the wholesale market service charge, these Regulatory Charges also include a Standard Supply Service Charge. If you purchase electricity directly from your local utility, you pay an administrative fee to the utility to cover these costs. This charge is the same for all utilities in the province. The Ontario Energy Board sets this charge.

Current Electricity Prices

Current Tariff of Rates and Charges

Historical Electricity Charges

Historical Residential and Small Commercial Time-of-Use RPP Prices:

*Effective May 1, 2021 the Province of Ontario has decreased the Ontario Electricity Rebate from 21.2% to 18.9%.

*Effective November 1, 2021 the Province of Ontario has decreased the Ontario Electricity Rebate from 18.9% to 17.0%.

Historical Residential and Small Commercial Tiered RPP Prices:

*Effective May 1, 2021 the Province of Ontario has decreased the Ontario Electricity Rebate from 21.2% to 18.9%.

*Effective November 1, 2021 the Province of Ontario has decreased the Ontario Electricity Rebate from 18.9% to 17.0%.