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Conditions of Service (Revised July 2021)

Wasaga Distribution is pleased to publish our 2021 Scorecard Management Discussion and Analysis.

2021 was a year of challenge and change for the utility. The COVID-19 pandemic spread across the globe and throughout the year, we have seen the pandemic result in the delay of some of the major development and capital projects that were expected to be undertaken in 2021.

WDI met all performance targets except for System Reliability. Aging infrastructure continues to be a challenge facing utilities today. WDI must replace aging infrastructure at a pace that meets the challenge. In addition, vegetation control, including tree trimming activities, also continue to be a primary focus for WDI due to the highly treed community. This reduces the vulnerability of the distribution system to external uncontrollable events, such as weather.

Furthermore, WDI continues to focus on you, the customer. WDI makes every effort to engage its customers on a regular basis to ensure we are aware of your needs and that you are receiving the best value for your money. In 2020, WDI undertook the development of a Strategic Plan that included input from all stakeholders including outreach engagement to its customers and undertook our bi-annual customer satisfaction survey. WDI remains committed to provide its customers with the most reliable service at the least possible cost. WDI thanks their customers for their strong commitment to the utility in 2021 and positive results from the feedback we have received.

As we move forward, we will continue our efforts to improve overall scorecard performance. This performance improvement is expected because of continued investment in both our infrastructure and in response to your needs.

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