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Time of Use

With TOU prices, the price depends on when you use electricity.

There are three TOU price periods:

OFF-PEAK – 8.7₵ / kWh

When electricity demand is lowest. Ontario households use most of their electricity – nearly two-thirds during off-peak hours.

MID-PEAK – 12.2₵ / kWh

When electricity demand is moderate. These periods are during the daytime, but not the busiest times of the day.

ON-PEAK – 18.2₵ / kWh

When electricity demand is generally higher. These are the busier times of day – generally when people are cooking, starting up their computers, and, running heaters or air conditioners.

With TOU pricing, you can help manage your electricity costs by shifting your usage to lower price periods when possible. People use electricity differently depending on the season, so the TOU price periods are different in the summer than they are in the winter.