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Retail Energy Contract

Since May 1st, 2002, the Ontario electricity market has been open to competition, that gives you the option to choose to have Wasaga Distribution Inc. supply your electricity under the Ontario Energy Boards Regulated Price Plan (RPP) which includes Time-of-use (TOU) and Tiered pricing, or you can choose to sign with a private energy retailer.

When you choose a private energy retailer you are not guaranteed savings. Energy retailers are only quoting you on the Electricity charge portion of your bill. All other regulated charges on your bill – including Delivery charges, Regulatory charges, and Government Charges (i.e. Global Adjustment) are not included in their rates.

Before signing do your homework. Take the time to review and compare the contract offer and the prices charged by Wasaga Distribution Inc.

Tip: Calculate how much you would pay on an energy contract. If you are considering signing an energy contract, use the bill calculator tool provided by the Ontario Energy Board to see how your bill might look based on a contract with an electricity retailer. Bill calculator | Ontario Energy Board (