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Frequently Asked Questions

All customers are charged $30.00 each time an account changes to a new individual. This charge is to set up the account and the meter readings.

Due dates are located near the bottom of your bill and change monthly. We strive to have due dates on the second or third week of every month. Bills paid after this date will result in interest being charged.

Your payment will be withdrawn on the due date, found near the bottom of your bill.

Payments and charges can take 2-3 business days to be reflected in the billing system. Your bill may have been printed before your payment was posted to your account.

Check the number of billing days on your bill. The number of billing days may vary from month to month, e.g. 28 days versus 31 days. Adding extra usage can make a big difference to your total monthly billing.

Your hydro bill may have increased for a variety of reasons. It has usually changed due to the amount of power you have used. Some examples of things that would increase your consumption would be:

  • Change in lifestyle. Have you added a home office, or have you been keeping the house warmer or cooler by running your furnace?
  • Increase in hot water consumption or the addition of a dishwasher, air conditioner, or hot tub. The addition of guests can also increase higher usage.
  • Home renovations add additions. You will use more energy to heat/cool and run your home during renovations.
  • The addition of new appliances.
  • Running a dehumidifier or electric heater for a long period of time.

The collection letter is for arrears from the previous month that have remained unpaid. The bill that you just received in the mail is for the current charges that are due upon receipt. This bill will also show your arrears.

Residential customers who have maintained an acceptable payment history for one year will not be required to supply a security deposit. New customers who can provide a letter of reference of good payment history for a 12-month period over 24 months from another electricity or gas distributor in Canada, will not be required to supply a deposit.

We require a security deposit in the following instances:

  1. A new customer that does not have a prior acceptable payment history with hydro or cannot provide a reference letter stating that they had a good payment history from another electric or gas distributor in Canada.
  2. Any existing customer that has an unacceptable payment history.
  3. Information from Customer’s previous distributor indicates an unpaid final bill or a poor payment history.
  4. If an active customer with an unacceptable payment history opens an additional account, a security deposit will be required for the additional account.
  5. If an active customer already has a deposit on file but has an unacceptable payment history as per the above, they may be asked for an additional deposit.

Wasaga Distribution Inc. requires a security deposit to keep our rates as low as possible for all customers.

Commercial security deposits are calculated using the billing cycle factor (2.5) times the customer’s average monthly load, at the location the customer is moving into, in the most recent 12 consecutive months within the last two years. Where relevant usage information is not available for the customer for 12 consecutive months within the past two years or the billing system is not capable of making the calculation, the customer’s average monthly load shall be based on a reasonable estimate made by Wasaga Distribution Inc.

Wasaga Distribution shall permit commercial customers to pay security deposits in 4 equal monthly installments.

Interest will be credited to the customer account yearly. The interest rate will be determined based on simple interest paid from the date of the deposit being received. Commercial security deposits will be held until the customer no longer requires service, at which time, they will be applied to the customer’s final bill.

Return of the security deposit will be considered annually providing the customer’s payment history reflects a three (3) year history of prompt payments and is void of collection action.