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Wasaga Distribution – Cyber Security Breach

August 21, 2020

On Monday August 17th, Wasaga Distribution Inc. experienced a Cyber security breach on some of its computer systems. As a result of this Cyber security breach, access to some of our systems were

Immediately upon discovery, a forensic evaluation and recovery plan was implemented. While it will take a bit of time for all computer-based systems to be restored from the back up systems, the normal
operation of the electrical system was not affected.

We wish to inform all our customers that the computer systems that contains their personal data was not affected by this security breach and continues to remain intact. Access to your account information via our customer connect portal was not effected and throughout this period that system continued to be available to our customers.

We apologize for any delays our customers may have experienced over the last couple of days when they called into our office for inquiries. We are taking all necessary steps to help prevent similar
occurrences in the future.

For more information, please contact Wasaga Distribution Inc. at 705-429-2517.