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Conditions of Service Update

July 21, 2021

We have refreshed our Conditions of Service.  Please visit our Policy section to review the revised document or Click Here.  The revised Conditions of Service provides additional clarification and reflects the most recent revisions of the Distribution System Code. The Distribution System Code sets out the minimum obligations that a licensed electricity distributor must meet in carrying out its obligations to distribute electricity within its service area under its licence.

You may send any questions, comments or feedback to [email protected] or you may call the office 705-429-2517.

The revised Conditions of Service will come into effect on September 1, 2021.

Wasaga Distribution Awarded EDA’s 2020 Public Electrical Safety Excellence Winner

June 11, 2021

Wasaga Distribution is honored to be awarded EDA’s 2020 Public Electrical Safety Excellence Winner – sponsored by the Electrical Safety Authority. WDI was recognized as having been impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic in having to implement new safety measures in keeping staff and customer safe while offering safe, reliable, and affordable power to our customer and communities we serve.

Wasaga Distribution focus on workplace and public health and safety is essential in our services delivered to the community.

Consumer Alert: Beware of disconnection scams

May 25, 2021

Consumers are reporting being contacted by scam artists pretending to be from Wasaga Distribution and threatening to disconnect electricity service if they don’t receive payment immediately. If you receive such a message by phone or text or letter, do not provide payment and contact us directly.

May 1 – Wasaga Distribution Inc. 2021 IRM Rate Application

April 22, 2021

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) has approved new tariff of  rates a and charges effective May 1, 2021 for WDI.  This is in addition to the new rates for electricity effective May 1.  The approval process was done through the incentive rate-setting mechanism (IRM) application filed by Wasaga Distribution Inc in November.

For current tariff of rates and charges please visit our rates section.  

May 1 – Ontario Energy Board set new electricity prices for households and small businesses

April 22, 2021

Today the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) announced new, lower electricity prices for households and small businesses, effective May 1, 2021, under the Regulated Price Plan (RPP).  The Government is also decreasing the Ontario Electricity Rebate (OER) from 21.2% to 18.9% effective May 1, 2021. The Government’s intention is that, for residential and small business customers, the reduction in the electricity price will be offset by the change in the OER.   The Typical residential customer bills are to be held stable.

For more information please visit the Ontario Energy Board Website by Clicking HERE

Update to Variable Connection Charges for Residential/Commercial Services

March 23, 2021

Effective April 01st, 2021 Wasaga Distribution Inc., in accordance with section 3.1.6 of the Distribution System Code (March 1, 2020), will be increasing the variable connection charges for residential/commercial underground and overhead services.  Wasaga Distribution Inc.’s connection charges have not been revised since the mid-2000s.  The revised costs are $300 for an underground service, and $375 for an overhead service.  Additionally, the cost per ft. of conductor is increasing to $2.75/ft.  These costs are exclusive of any relevant taxes.

Ontario’s System-Wide Electricity Supply Mix: 2020 Data

March 23, 2021

The Ontario system-wide electricity supply mix in the manner established by the Ontario Energy Board has been updated for 2020.  Follow this link to see where your energy comes from:


February 10 – Update to electricity prices for households and small businesses

February 10, 2021

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) has extended the current fixed Regulated Price Plan (RPP) price of 8.5 cents per kilowatt hour until February 22, 2021. Until the end of the day on February 22, 2021, all RPP consumers, whether they are on time-of-use (TOU) or tiered pricing, will continue to pay the fixed price of 8.5 cents per kilowatt hour for all the electricity they consume, regardless of the time of day or the total volume consumed.

January 28 – Update to electricity prices for households and small businesses

January 28, 2021

The Ontario government is extending electricity rate relief for families, small businesses and farms to support those spending more time at home in response to the provincial Stay-at-Home Order. The government will continue to hold electricity prices to the off-peak rate of 8.5 cents per kilowatt-hour until February 9, 2021. This lower rate is available 24 hours per day, seven days a week for Time-Of-Use and tiered customer.

A news release announcing this extension can be found at this link.

2021 Bi-Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey

January 16, 2021

Wasaga Distribution Inc. is conducting a Customer Satisfaction Survey by phone from January-March 2021. You may receive a call from a company called ADVANIS on behalf of Wasaga Distribution Inc.. This survey is important to us and we encourage you to participate and share your thoughts. If you have any questions, please contact customer care at 705-429-2517.